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Do I Need an Attorney?

While you can go it alone, we don’t recommend it.

Social Security Disability is basically a large insurance fund and like most insurers the focus can often be on looking for ways to deny you the benefits you deserve. The social security system is staffed by many great public servants, but outdated rules, political pressure and cumbersome procedures often get in the way.

We understand the complicated rules and procedures and can help you prepare your case to win. And do not think “I can’t afford it – I don’t have any money!” We know – we handle all of our cases on a contingent basis. No fees up front – in fact, no fees EVER unless we get you benefits. It’s that simple. And the only fee we charge is 25% of back benefits and there is no fee from your monthly benefits going forward.

Getting benefits as soon as possible is critical for our clients. Having us represent you can give you the best opportunity to prepare your case to win. Of course, each case is different and we do not guarantee results. Let us fight for you.

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