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It is common for a person to become hurt and unable to work. When a disability occurs, medical bills mount, and a person cannot afford the basic necessities of life. Things only get worse when recovery is delayed. During these rough times, it is essential to obtain help. The government has established social security disability insurance so that some of the monetary burdens are lifted. If a person has worked in the past, he or he may be able to take advantage of social security disability insurance. Understanding who is eligible and how to apply will make the process go smoothly.

What is SSDI?

SSDI is an insurance plan available to disabled individuals who are not capable of working. The benefits are open to people who will be disabled for at least one year. The program is funded by paycheck deductions from all U.S. workers. The Social Security Administration must review all applications and decide what individuals are eligible to receive the benefits. When a person becomes approved, he or she receives monthly payments.

The SSA examines the work history of each applicant. Requirements will vary and depend on factors like a person’s age and date of disability. Work history should be recent. A common rule of thumb is that an individual must have worked at least five years before becoming disabled. Anyone under 28 years of age must have worked for a minimum of 1.5 years before applying for benefits. To be eligible, an applicant must supply medical proof that he or she cannot work. If a disabled person was the main source of income in the family, spouses and other dependents may be eligible for benefits as well. It is important to remember these benefits are not a handout, so there should be no shame associated with submitting an application. All workers have contributed to the program and have earned the right to collect benefits when necessary.

Individuals in Altoona who apply for SSDI benefits are required to complete applications and send them to the SSA and PA Disability Determination Services. Although the paperwork is long, it is essential to provide all requested information. General inquiries include a person’s name, address, disability date, and work history. Everyone suffering from long-term disabilities does not automatically receive these benefits. It is necessary to determine whether or not there are suitable positions available that provide reasonable working accommodations for the disabilities. The SSA will look into applicants’ academic backgrounds to determine whether these individuals have the abilities to fill positions that are less physically demanding. If no work is available, SSDI benefits may be granted.

It is vital to submit proper medical records that explain the type and severity of the disability. It is quite common a person will be turned down if he or she does not submit details that verify the disability. It may take up to six months to receive approval or rejection. In the case of denial, a person may appeal the decision, but this can be extremely time-consuming. To make sure everything is submitted correctly, it is smart to consult with a SSDI lawyer who will help complete the application and will remove hassles from the process.

Getting Help from an Attorney

Applying for SSDI benefits can be complicated and confusing. Anyone without experience dealing with the SSA may be overwhelmed with the process and may make mistakes filling out all the forms. This often leads to a denial. To make sure a person’s application is approved the first time, it is best to work with an experienced attorney. This professional knows how to correctly fill out the paperwork and understands what medical documents must be submitted. A lawyer will address any questions and concerns as well. Getting accepted without hassle will allow a disabled individual to afford food, housing, and other necessities. Avoiding clerical errors may prevent a rejection.

There are numerous options when looking for an Altoona, PA social security attorney. With the knowledge concerning regulations and requirements for receiving these benefits, lawyers can boost applicants’ chances of approval. This provides peace of mind that life can return to a more normal manner. A legal consultation with a SSDI attorney is the first step toward receiving earned benefits.

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