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Clearfield, PA

Clearfield is about as central to Pennsylvania as any city in the state and not only because of its location. The borough has a long history of being home to hard-working Americans who only wish better lives for their children. In fact, Clearfield is a past winner of the All-America City Award, and it deserves to retain this distinction now and into the future. The residents here in the heart of Pennsylvania can usually be found working for one of the local companies, and not many are sure how they would continue to support themselves and their families should they no longer be able to work.

What Is SSDI?

In the U.S., most workers who become disabled and cannot earn a living may receive benefits from a federal insurance program known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Unlike Supplemental Security Income (SSI), SSDI is not an income-based handout. It is an insurance policy that workers pay into through automatic payroll deductions.

Those who have paid the minimum amount of premiums through their jobs are entitled to monthly benefits similar to those that seniors receive from Social Security retirement. The number of years you have to work to qualify depends on your age. If you become disabled when you are 28 or younger, you only need 18 months of work to qualify while those who are 50 and older must have worked a minimum of seven years.

In addition to meeting the requirement for the amount of work completed, individuals must also meet a time-based qualification. Workers under the age of 24 need to have been on the job 18 months out of the last three years while those who are 24 to 31 years of age must have been employed at least half the time since they were 21. Individuals who are 31 years of age or older must have been on the job for five years out of the last 10.

Social Security Disability in Clearfield, PA

While SSDI is a beneficial insurance program that has helped thousands of people and their families survive after incidents that have left them disabled, it is not without its problems, the least of which is a complicated application process. When you submit your initial application, it must be accompanied by the proper documentation and medical records. To qualify, you must be suffering from a disabling medical condition, but it does not matter whether it was sustained on or off the job.

The vast majority of applicants are denied SSDI after their applications are reviewed, but four additional avenues are still available after being denied. Successfully navigating the appeals process is crucial to receiving benefits, but most applicants give up because it is extremely taxing. Unfortunately, very few people living in Clearfield are able to support themselves during an appeal because it can take up to two years to be finalized.

Getting Help From an Attorney

When you receive help from a reliable attorney experienced in disability law, you increase the odds of getting approved for SSDI in a timely manner and receiving back pay for all the time it takes to complete the case. Experienced attorneys understand exactly what records are required and how hearings work in the event an appeal. He or she will be able to present your case in the most personally favorable light and protect your rights while providing you with a little peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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