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If you live in the Kittanning area and are worried about supporting your family should you become injured, you will want to consider your options carefully. An unexpected injury can place undue stress on the household and lead to difficulties in everyday life. With Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you can continue to receive regular payments that will allow you to pay your bills and maintain your household. As long as you qualify for the program, you can begin receiving financial compensation in a short period of time. The disability insurance is not considered a handout. In fact, workers pay into the program through regular deductions from their paychecks. Should an injury occur that prevents you from going to work and doing your job, the fund can then be activated so that you can avoid extreme economic duress.

Social Security Disability in Kittanning, PA

Applying for SSDI usually requires you to follow the guidance set forth by both the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Pennsylvania Disability Determination Services. This particular type of insurance, in effect, is designed to assist workers who have suffered serious injuries and who are expected to be sidelined for quite some time. Short-term disability is generally covered by workers’ compensation, which works in a different manner. In general, people must meet a threshold in hours worked each year to be eligible. If the head of household becomes disabled, spouses and even dependent children might likewise become eligible.

You will need to provide a broad array of personal information when you submit your application. You can generally be expected to provide your age, past work history and the nature of your disability. Any treatments received for your disability will be vital to establishing your credibility. Certified medical records can be used to determine if you qualify for SSDI. Medical records that indicate that you are likely to miss work for a long period of time will be important. The initial application should be rigorously examined before it is submitted. Applications that are denied can take many months to be reversed. If you require payments right away, this delay can lead to serious financial problems for your family.

Getting Help from an Attorney

Attorneys are skilled in filling out the paperwork that must be submitted in order for benefits to be obtained. In fact, you’ll likely want an eminently reliable legal team guiding you through the process. Attorneys can answer questions and submit queries to the federal and state agencies. They can also coordinate the process of obtaining the appropriate medical records, including verification of your Residual Functional Capacity, which may be difficult in some cases. The application process itself will require an attention to detail, and you will likely need assistance from someone with the right legal background. A certified attorney will work tirelessly for your needs so that the application is accepted. The benefits will kick in soon after.

Social Security Disability Insurance ultimately helps in many aspects of everyday life. You will be able to use the benefits to provide food and shelter for your family. Your health insurance premiums can be met, and your routine household bills can continue to be paid without a problem. With a reputable, qualified attorney navigating the process, you can rely on this particular safety net going forward.

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